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usearch_global command

Search for one (default) or a few high-identity hits to a database using the USEARCH algorithm. Alignments are global. To get more than one hit, increase -maxaccepts (see accept options).

An identity threshold must be specified using the -id option. If full-length, exact matches are required, then it is better to use search_exact than usearch_global with -id 1.0.

The query file may be in FASTA or FASTQ format.

A database file must be specified using the -db option. FASTA and .udb formats are supported. For large databases, .udb format is recommended (see makeudb_usearch command).

The -strand option is required for nucleotide databases.

Nucleotide, protein and translated searches are supported.

See also
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usearch -usearch_global query.fasta -db proteins.udb -id 0.8 -alnout hits.aln
usearch -usearch_global reads.fastq -db ESTs.fasta -id 0.9 -blast6out hits.b6 \
  -strand plus -maxaccepts 8 -maxrejects 256