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Open-source USEARCH
I would like to convert USEARCH to open-source. The challenges are to find funding and/or credible volunteers to support further development and maintenance. If you have any ideas or would like to contribute, please contact me.


Getting started
  What's new in v11
  Command line

Command reference
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Documentation topics
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Parameters and options
Output files for search and clustering
  Accept options (which hits to report)
  Termination options (when to stop searching)
  Alignment heuristics
  Alignment parameters (gap penalties etc.)
  Sequence database index parameters

OTU and denoising analysis for 16S, ITS etc.

  Recommended procedures
  Example scripts and tutorials
  Errors and biases in amplicon sequencing

Old manuals
Version 10
  Version 9.2
  Version 8.1
  Version 7
  Version 6

  Technical support
  Known bugs

  Papers and how to cite USEARCH