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11-Aug-2018 New paper describes octave plots for visualizing alpha diversity.

12-Jun-2018 New paper shows that one in five taxonomy annotations in SILVA and Greengenes are wrong.

18-Apr-2018 New paper shows that taxonomy prediction accuracy is <50% for V4 sequences.

05-Oct-2017 PeerJ paper shows low accuracy of closed- and open-ref. QIIME OTUs.

22-Sep-2017 New paper shows 97% threshold is wrong, OTUs should be 99% full-length 16S, 100% for V4.

UPARSE tutorial video posted on YouTube. Make OTUs from MiSeq reads.



cluster quality and sequence identity

USEARCH uses the BLAST definition of sequence identity. Through version 5, USEARCH used the CD-HIT definition by default.

For a given alignment, BLAST identity <= CD-HIT identity. This is because BLAST counts gaps as differences, but CD-HIT sometimes does not. Insertions and deletions are generally less probable than substitutions. Therefore, gaps should count as least as much as substitutions as a measure of evolutionary distance, and the BLAST definition is more biologically realistic.