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Tutorials and sample data

Let me know if your data is different from these examples, I'll be glad to help you figure out how to modify the scripts.
Tutorial Marker Reads Samples
  Part 1: UPARSE pipeline (reads to OTU table)
  Part 2: Mock community analysis (stringent)
  Part 3: Mock community analysis (less stringent)
  Part 4: Read quality and error rate analysis
16S MiSeq
2x250 PE
Mouse feces and mock community.
  Part 1. UPARSE pipeline (reads to OTU table)
  Part 2. Implementing the pipeline script
16S 454
Human Microbiome Project human body sites.
  Part1. UPARSE pipeline (reads to OTU table)
ITS2 MiSeq
2x300 PE
Fungi extracted from pine needles.