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Open-source USEARCH release scheduled 1st June 2024
It is an ongoing challenge to find funding and/or credible volunteers to support further development and maintenance. If you have any ideas or would like to contribute, please contact me.
About 64-bit USEARCH
The 64-bit version of USEARCH can use all of the installed RAM in a 64-bit computer, while the 32-bit version is limited to at most 4Gb allocated memory. See memory requirements for more information.


Most academic and non-profit users of 64-bit USEARCH choose to purchase restricted non-commercial use licenses. This allows most types of non-commercial research use, except that you may not use the software to support a public service such as a web site..

One license allows you to run one copy of USEARCH, meaning one process. It does not allow a user to run more than one process at one time; for this you need multiple licenses. The license may be shared in a group, e.g. a lab, providing that no more than one process is running at any given time.

The license is a one-time fee which includes technical support and an upgrade to the next major version (the major version is the first number, e.g. the major version of  v7.0.1234 is 7). Minor version updates are provided at no charge.

You can use this page to purchase one license. If you need more, let me know and I'll send you a link to a custom page for your purchase.

You must provide an email address at an accredited academic, government or non-profit organization. Please allow up to one business day to allow verification of the non-commercial status of your institution. I will send the download link to that email address.

Clicking the "Buy Now" button indicates your acceptance of the license agreement.
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