What is drive5.com?
This is Robert Edgar's personal web site. If you're looking for "Bob Edgar", you're in the right place -- that's how I introduced myself for a while, but now I've gone back to being a Robert.
My academic publications

Computational biology papers (via PUBMED)
Theoretical physics

Computational biology software
USEARCH and UCLUST: search and clustering orders of magnitude faster than BLAST

EVOLVER: whole-genome sequence evolution simulator
MUSCLE multiple sequence alignment software
PILER De novo repeat analysis

PILER-CR Detection of CRISPR repeats in bacterial genomes

PALS Pairwise Alignment of Long Sequences (whole-genome aligner)
QSCORE multiple alignment scoring software (compares two alignments)
POP: Gap penaltty optimization
SeedMasker (genome masking based on high occurrence words)


PREFAB Protein Reference Alignment Database
BALI2DNA and BALI2DNAF Frame-shift detection benchmark
Benchmark collection (BALIBASE v3, PREFAB, OXBENCH and SABRE in FASTA format).

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