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If you are interested in multiple sequence alignment or profile-profile alignment software, I recommend my new program, MUSCLE. MUSCLE produces alignments with accuracy at least as good as T-Coffee, on average, with speeds that are significantly better than CLUSTALW, especially for large numbers of sequences . However, MUSCLE lacks a SATCHMO-like graphical viewer. For viewing, I recommend Marcin Joachimiak's excellent Jevtrace software.

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License agreement

User guide PDF, 500 kb.
Windows binaries ZIP format, 310 kb
Linux binary gzip format, 440 kb
Source code gzip / tar format, 

Citation for SATCHMO:

Robert C. Edgar and Kimmen Sjolander (2003), SATCHMO: Sequence alignment and tree construction using hidden Markov models, Bioinformatics 19(11), 1404-1411.

Citation for COACH:

Robert C. Edgar and Kimmen Sjolander (2004), COACH: profile-profile alignment of protein families using hidden Markov models, Bioinformatics 20(8):1309-18.