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New features added since v8.0

v8.0.1570 Added fastq_maxee_rate option to fastq_filter.

v8.0.1616 Added -chimarasq and -nonchimerasq output files for uchime_ref and uchime_denovo.

v8.0.1616 Added fastq_maxgaps option to  fastq_mergepairs.

v8.0.1611 Added -stripleft, -stripright and -padlen options to fastx_truncate.

v8.0.1616 Added -fastqout_discarded, -fastaout_discarded options to fastq_filter.

v8.1 Improved UTAX algorithm with support for training on user data.

v8.1.1803 Added sample name support to fastq_filter and fastq_mergepairs (see -relabel @ and -sample options).

v8.1.1803 Added -alnout and -rdpout options to utax.

v8.1.1803 Added -otutabout and -biomout options to usearch_global (see Mapping reads to OTUs).

v8.1.8103 Reverse filename for fastq_mergepairs defaults to R1->R2 if -reverse option is not specified.

v8.1.1803 Added -minsize option to cluster_otus. Enables discarding of singletons without an extra step..

v8.1.1811 Added uchime_ref_minpctid option to uchime_ref.