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Provisional versions
If I send you a link to a version that is newer than the latest version posted on the download request page, then it is considered provisional. This is because it has not undergone full regression testing. It should therefore be considered alpha or beta software, and is generally not recommended for production use unless you need a specific fix.

Fixed builds usually don't exist
This may sound strange, but there is a rational explanation. The version number includes the source code revision number. For example, in 6.0.123, the major version is 6, the minor version is 0 and the source code revision is 123.

When I find and fix a reported bug, I check in the modified source code and report the revision number in "Fixed ver" column in the bug report page. This might be, say, 124. To test the fix, I build a binary, so at least one binary exists with version 6.0.124. But building and testing one binary does not mean that it is ready to be distributed. A "real" build requires much more than this. I need to build binaries for all supported platforms (bitness, operating system, etc.) and update all the relevant files and scripts on my server that handle download requests and distribution. Before doing this, I would ideally run a full regression test on all the binaries, but this is a lot of work and I sometimes skip that step for important bug fixes in order to make a provisional fix available (see above). So what typically happens is that a version that appears in the "Fixed ver" column in the bug reports is never posted for distribution. More likely, a build with a higher version will be posted some days after the fix.