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What's new in USEARCH v10

See also
What's new in version 9
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  What's new in version 7

Compatibility with v9

Improved OTU / denoising analysis protocol
Pipeline documentation
  OTU quality control

New algorithms
  UNBIAS  correct for abundance bias in a OTU table
  SEARCH_16S  find 16S genes in contigs and chromosomes
  SINAPS  predict attributes (traits) from marker gene sequences

New commands
  alpha_div_rare  calculate rarefaction curves for alpha diversity metrics
  closed_ref  closed-reference OTU assignment
  fasta_explode  create separate file for every sequence in a FASTA file
  fasta_stripgaps  remove gaps from FASTA file
  fastq_sra_splitpairs  recover R1 and R2 reads from concatenated or interleaved SRA file
  fastx2qiime  convert sample identifiers from usearch to QIIME format
  fastx_demux  assign reads to samples (demultiplex) using embedded barcodes or index reads
  fastx_getlabels  extract sequence labels from FASTA or FASTQ file
  fastx_get_sample_names  get sample names in read labels, useful for checking correct formatting
  fastx_relabel  re-label sequences in FASTA or FASTQ file
  fastx_strip_annots  remove usearch-style annotations from sequence labels
  fastx_uniques_persample  find unique sequences per sample
  filter_lowc  Filter low-complexity sequences.
  otutab  generate OTU table
  otutab_group  combine (sum) counts for groups of samples
  otutab_merge  merge OTU tables by matching OTU and sample identifiers
  otutab_sortotus  sort OTU table by decreasing OTU size
  otutab_subsample  subsample (rarefy) OTU table to smaller number of reads
  qiimemap2otutab  convert QIIME map file to OTU table
  search_16s  find 16S genes in contigs and chromosomes
  sinaps  predict attributes (traits) from marker gene sequences
  sintax_summary  taxonomy summary for making figures etc.
  uchime3_denovo  filter chimeras in denoised amplicon sequences
  udb2bitvec  create bit vector index for search_16s command
  unbias  correct for abundance bias
  unoise3  denoise amplicon reads (improved algorithm)