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What's new in USEARCH v9

New algorithms
  SINTAX taxonomy prediction, paper:
  UNOISE2 error-correction (denoising), paper
  UCHIME2 chimera detection, paper
  UNCROSS detection and filtering of cross-talk.
     Roughly 2% of Illumina reads are assigned to the wrong sample, see UNCROSS paper.

New commands
alpha_div  Calculate alpha diversity metrics.
  annot  Annotate sequences from marker gene experiment (mock or real).
  beta_div  Calculate beta diversity metrics.
  calc_distmx_smallmem  Reduced-memory version of calc_distmx.
  fastx_demux  Demultiplex reads by matching index reads to barcodes.
  fastx_info  Summarize contents of FASTA/Q file.
  fastx_learn  Estimate error rates of amplicon reads.
  fastx_uniques  Find unique sequences and abundance (new name for derep_fulllength).
  filter_phix  Filter reads for PhiX.
  makeudb_sintax  Make indexed database for sintax.
  orient Re-orient nt sequences to same strand as a reference database (useful for mixed-strand reads).
  otutab_norm  Normalize OTU table to same number of reads per sample.
  otutab_counts2freqs  Convert OTU table from counts to frequencies.
  otutab_freqs2counts  Convert OTU table from frequencies to counts.
  otutab_trim  Trim low-abundance counts, OTUs and samples from an OTU table.
  otutab_otu_subset  Extract a subset of OTUs from an OTU table.
  otutab_sample_subset  Extract a subset of samples from an OTU table.
  otutab_stats  Report summary statistics for an OTU table.
  search_phix  Search for PhiX.
  sintax  Taxonomy prediction by SINTAX algorithm.
  uchime2_denovo  Find chimeras in denoised amplicon sequences.
  uchime2_ref  Find chimeras by UCHIME2 algorithm using reference database.
  uncross  Detect and filter cross-talk in a OTU table.
  unoise2  Denoising (error correction) of amplicon reads.