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What's new in USEARCH v9.2

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What's new in version 9.
  What's new in version 9.1 

New features
Calculate alpha and beta diversity metrics.
  OTU table commands.

New commands
alpha_div  Calculate alpha diversities
  beta_div  Calculate beta diversities, clusters and trees
  otutab_norm  Normalize OTU table to same number of reads per sample
  otutab_counts2freqs  Convert counts to frequencies
  otutab_freqs2counts  Convert frequencies to counts
  otutab_trim  Trim low-abundance counts, OTUs and samples from an OTU table
  otutab_otu_subset  Extract a subset of OTUs
  otutab_sample_subset  Extract a subset of samples
  otutab_stats  Report summary statistics for an OTU table