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OTU / denoising analysis tutorials



See also
  OTU / denoising pipeline documentation
  Example pipelines with test data

These tutorials include reads and scripts to run basic OTU and denoising analyses.
Exercises are included to test your understanding; answers are included in the downloads.
The example pipelines are generally a better starting point for developing your own analysis scripts.

Supported platforms
These tutorials should run in a bash shell under Linux, OSX or Cygwin (Windows).
Let me know if you run into any problems.
Tutorial Tag Reads Samples
16S V4 MiSeq 2x250 Mouse gut samples and mock community
HMP 16S V5-V3 454 Titanium Human Microbiome Project body sites
Misits  ITS2 MiSeq 2x300 Fungi extracted from pine needles