UCLUST downloads for use in QIIME and PyNAST

UCLUST v1.2.22q (C) Copyright 2009-10 Robert C. Edgar.

These binaries are licensed only for use in PyNAST and QIIME.
The license does not permit stand-alone use
These binaries are no longer maintained, they are provided for backwards compatibility. The latest version of the algorithms are in the USEARCH package.


Pre-compiled binaries
Files are in "tarball" () format. To extract, use:

   tar -zxf filename

Linux binaries must have the executable bit set. Sometimes this bit gets lost (not sure why), in which case you will need to set it using:

  chmod a+x filename


Operating system Processor Bits Executable file
Linux Intel i86 32 uclust1.2.22q_i86linux32
Linux Intel i86 64 uclust1.2.22q_i86linux64
Mac OSX (Darwin) Intel i86 32 uclust1.2.22q_i86darwin32
Mac OSX (Darwin) Intel i86 64 uclust1.2.22q_i86darwin64